Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Answer to the Partitioned Index Puzzle

A few weeks ago I posted a description of an error I encountered when creating a partitioned index on a SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition instance. It had me quite literally tearing my hair out. The error was a typically vague Microsoft one:

Msg 4436, Level 16, State 12, Line 1
UNION ALL view 'PartWindow.dbo.vwPartitionedView' is not updatable because a partitioning column was not found.

I spent quite a few hours staring at my SQL statements and re-reading documentation before the solution hit me.

If you haven't had a chance to read the post, please do before you skip down to the answer. It was, unfortunately, a total "duh!" moment. But at the same time quite easy to overlook.

If you're ready for the answer just scroll down a little further:

There was a data type mismatch between the partitioned column in the view (and underlying tables) and the data being inserted. I created the tables with a SMALLDATETIME partitioned column. My insert statement however, used GETDATE() which is DATETIME.

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